From right to left; Tigermed CEO Mr. Tanseer Ali, Ex-Director Research Dr. Ammad Fahim, Dr. Hassan Mumtaz (CRA), Dr Saboora Waris Associate director research and Dr. Maham Zahid (Senior CRA)

Dr Jamie Forrest from Platform Life Sciences McMaster University & Dr SYED Uzair ul Ghani from APPNA visited Maroof International Hospital Islamabad to assess the capacity and capabilities of clinical trials.

Our former Director Research, Dr. Ammad Fahim, is on the far right; Dr. Hassan Mumtaz (left corner); and Dr. Maham Zahid is standing next to Dr. Hassan; they are all meeting Ms. Sobia Khateeb, a psychologist from the University of Manitoba and the Center for Global Public Health, to discuss their joint research on mental health capacity at Maroof International Hospital in Islamabad

Meeting of Dr Jahanzeb Durrani (PI), Dr Waqar Hafeez (Director Research) & Dr Hassan Mumtaz (Clinical Research Associate) MIH research team with Stephanie Koelbl from Alvotech (Switzerland) Joined by Alshifa Eye Trust Chairman Mr. Rehmat Khan, Prof Ume Sughra (Director Research), DRAP Chairman Mr Noor Muhammad Khan, Mr Shafqat Hussain (Assistant Director DRAP) & IQVIA Pakistan